July 19, 2024
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I have been reading an article over and over and over again the last few days about Google running out of computer space. Why does anyone care. Google is going to spend 1.5 Billion dollars next year on servers and I suspect they will fill those up as well. Not every company looks at hard drive space like people in their house. I have a hard drive that is 120 gigs and it has 40 gigs left. I had a 40 gig drive a while ago that had 3 gigs free. The fact is that if you are tech oriented you will find a way to fill your hard drive but if you are just some guy buying a Dell becuase you want to put your digital camera pics somewhere then you will never fill up that 200 gig drive that you bought. I have seen so many home PCs with 80 gig drives that are two years old and have 10 gigs used.

The question has to be…why do we need such giant hard drives when there are two kinds of people, those that use the space and those that do not need any of that space. Maybe some smart web 2.0 company will find a way to use or monetize that extra unused hard drive space right around the world