May 17, 2024
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I have tried over the years to make my PC experience better. I have tried all those stupid or good little applets that will add ease and functionality but sadly I have never made my PC work as nice looking as Vista, I ma sure many may disagree.

I just found a page on the American Pai blog that show a few ways to make your computer look like a Mac. There are a few ways, changing browsers, adding a dock, adding Yahoo widgets and of course iTunes and a Leopard background.

One of the problems that I always have with a lot of these changes is that although they may prettify your desktop they are usually built with a sacrifice to performance and even productivity. I am at this very moment working on my trusty laptop that is slow as hell because of all the little and big apps that I have installed in the name of productivity. If I have to do it over, and I often do, then I just install Windows XP and add a few addons.

This looks like a way to reclutter my computer but in reality these are all the tools that I really need on my machine and a few months later I remember that agian and blow away the computer to go at it again. I would love to find a way to speed up my PCs and laptops after I have installed and uninstalled but it seems that even Ccleaner and Perfect Disk can never even help me.

What do you use for that fresh new computer feel without a reinstall?