April 22, 2024
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dell netbookI have been waiting for this dell netbook for the last few days and have noticed that people on the Dell site are getting mad at having to wait (see the comments there).

I am planning to buy another Dell Inspiron 1525 for the kids to fight over and am still waiting for the Netbook 910 to be announced and come out so that I can get one at the same time just for me.

So the first question anyone (including my wife) ask is “What is a Dell Netbook?” Dell is apparently releasing this mini notebook computer with a small 8.9 inch screen for people while on the move. This is the new version of a big PDA with the ability on a 120 gig hard drive to compose, save and view any type of file and to hook into hotspots.

The Dell Netbook will just be a small version of a notbook computer, as you can see in the picture above, with an onboard graphocs card and up to 1 gig of Ram. The OS is apparently going to be either Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux (think I will opt for Windows).

Of course I have not used a Dell Netbook yet, I have tried others including the one by Acer but lots of companies have one. Here is what I found.

Dell Netbook Features

Graphics – can be very slow, this is more of a small corporate type machine so it is not for gaming really but surfing instead.

Screen size – The netbooks have an 8,9 inch screen with 1024×600 resolution so the width is ok but the screen is a little short. I envision having to turn off a lot of toolbars

Keyboard – The keyboard on these units is a little smaller than a regular keyboard so it takes a bit of getting used to. I am sure that after an hour or so it will seem pretty natural.

Rumor has it these mini notebooks will be starting at $299. I hope that is the price as it will be perfect for what I am looking for.

This is the perfect little online laptop to travel with. the Dell Netbook I am hoping will be nice and light, able to save and forward messages, blog posts, save and sync files with a home network and really be the idea that laptops were going to be years ago, truly portable.

The Dell was supposed to be released on August 22nd but so far they are late. Today is August 26th and still no word from Dell or a mention on the website so the wait for a dell netbook in my house continues.