Internet Explorer 7 breaks RSS readers

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I decided this afternoon to test the latest release of Internet Explorer 7 IE7 RC1 and it did not last long.

I did the IE 7 install in just a few minutes and in proper Microsoft fashion I need to reboot and after the reboot I had a new Internet Explorer Browser! The first things that I did was fire up SharpReader and everything was fine.

The Problem
While browsing the latest news I would double click on an article and my Sharp Reader would crash. Next I tried using an alternative and that was FeedReader. Feed Reader did not even get as far as SharpReader, the application crashed very quickly after loading up my feeds.

The problem seems to be in a new way that Internet Explorer handles web pages and of course most modern RSS readers leverage Internet Explorer to show you a web page within the RSS Reader.

The Solution
The good thing about this current problem is that doing an uninstall of Internet Explorer 7 reinstalled Internet Explorer 6 and now everything seems to be fine in both of my RSS Readers Feedreader and Sharpreader.