June 19, 2024
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pc optimizer 2010
PC Optimizer 2010

Dependable, fast working computers are something that every computer user, no matter if it’s for business or entertainment wants to have. Often though our computers begin to slow down and become less reliable as they age, but changes can be seen in as little as a few months from purchase. This is the main reason why more and more PC users are turning to easy to use, powerful tools to protect them and keep them running fast.

PC Optimizer 2010 is Malware

One such tool is PC optimizer 2010. The only issue is that while all-in-one maintenance tools are a great way to keep your computer running like its brand new; PC optimizer 2010 is not one of those tools, it is malware.

In fact this is malware in disguise that will try to deceive you into purchasing a copy of it in order to take care of all the issues you are having on your computer But the truth is that these issues are actually caused by this malware in the first place. So no matter if you purchase it not, you are not going to get any help for your PC unless you get rid of PC optimizer 2010 quickly.

What this malware does when first installed is to scan your computer for problems such as viruses and system errors. The reality is that no matter what you really click on, even if you decide to close the window the scan will be performed. Once the scan is completed, you will be given the option to go ahead and fix all of the issues. Unfortunately, the only way for the program to fix these so called problems is to be purchased and activated.

Will PC Optimizer 2010 Fix Anything?

Once you have gone through with the purchase your system will supposedly be cleaned and everything will be fine. The bad thing about all this is that there were never any problems to begin with and all of the errors you were shown in the scan results were faked and even worse is this malware will allow other malware onto your computer and also corrupt system files and slow your computer down. This is why you need to get rid of PC optimizer 2010 as quickly as possible.

If you do not purchase the PC optimizer 2010 program right away to take care of these issues, the malware will step things up and begin causing you a increasing number of issues including the random termination of programs you are either using or simply preventing them from opening in the first place. Every time that is done you will get an error message that reads similar to:

The security on your computer has been breached by the presence of a malware or other virus and has given access to your computer to unknown users.

Once again though, no matter what you click on the program will start up and inform you that you need to purchase it before the issues can be resolved.

Unless you protect your computer from these types of invasions you will continue having problems over and over again. The only way to make sure you are safe and secure is to follow the steps below.

Start your computer in safe mode with networking. You need to do this to stop the malware running and you can only do this in safe mode. To do this restart your computer and press the f8 key before the windows start up screen appears. You will then see a menu and select safe mode from networking.

Once this is done you need to go onto the internet and download a system scanner that will search for and stop any running malware. The ones that I have used successfully are Spybot, and Super Anti-Spyware. Both of these programs are free

Once you have downloaded this install it and run it. A good one will scan all of your computer for any type of malware and stop it. Then it will scan the registry for errors and damage caused by malware and registry entries for malware and either fix or remove these errors.

Once this is done you will be able to get rid of PC optimizer for good and your computer will faster and free of malicious software.

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