July 14, 2024
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I am posting this looking for a bit of help from the blogging community. I have said in the past that I use 1and1 for my hosting and up until now things seemed to be ok, well yesterday things took a bit of a turn for the worse.

There is a release candidate out for WordPress 2.9 that I tried to install yesterday and amongst my blogs I have a mix of MySQL 4.0 and 5.0 databases, well the version for the MySQL 4.0 databases is at 4.0.27 and the minimum requirement for WordPress 2.9 is currently MySQL 4.1.2

So I looked through the documentation with 1and1 and I saw that the best way to change things is to create a MySQL database 5.0 version and then export the old database, import to the new empty database and I would be good. The trouble I had was that the database export was to big to import to the new database (2 meg limit) so I am still stuck.

I am sure that 1and1 must me aware of this by now, with 1,000 of people possible having trouble with an upgrade in the next few days, and the support tickets that I opened were not handled correctly with the emails coming back telling me how to create a new database only.

So I am hoping that one of two things happens. I hope that 1 and 1 hosting upgrades all the MySQL databases to 4.1.2 from the current patch level or that there is some easier way to upgrade my current MySQL 4.0 databases to MySQL 5.0