May 17, 2024
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I am all about the efficiency of time and work. Not at work maybe but in the rest of my life for sure. I have a wife and two kids and a dog and a cat and I just don’t like to burn time on the computer like I used to. I have a handful of computers at home and at work that are all running Windows XP except my wifes Dell laptop running the Vista it came with.

As we all know Windows of all kinds gets slower and slower especially when an IT guy works on it so I have been getting more and more used to the craptasticness of my Windows XP, until this weekend.

On Friday night I did a backup and loaded up Windows 7 and somehow that inner geek inside of me came out again. I groused about settings and software and restoring data but I really was loving the whole process. I would steal bits of time here and there to get software setup and to kind of understand the new features of Windows 7 like home network sharing and UAC protection. I got to find un-needed services and optimizing the Aero interface.

I feel like a geek again like I haven’t in 4 years.

And now I am still loving all the intricacies of Windows. Using XP for so long had made me lazy to innovating the OS I just did my fixes and moved on, I had lost that sense of wonder and now I feel like I have it back.

The great thing for me again is the excitement of newness. I really had forgotten what not knowing and having to search around was all about and now I get to do that again. I know I have lost efficiency, I know I am again underpowered computerwise but again I feel a bit of a thrill about logging in and rebooting and setting up hardware and software. A bit more controlled maybe then I was in my 20s but still having the sense of excitement and wonder that i had back then.

Expect lots of tips and tricks for Windows 7 coming up soon.