May 17, 2024
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Microsoft today announced the first Release Candidate of the Windows Home Server. This is going to be the hub of peoples home networks.

Right now, for most people the center of the home network is the wireless router in the basement or living room and all of the computers are basically their own entities. I have tried to go a bit beyond that by sharing out the favorites between machines as well as my wifes scrapbooking folder but otherwise we still have the same as most people. Three computers are in my house and each of the computers has it’s own shared folders, it’s own data and it’s own applications. This is disjointed to say the least.

Windows Home Server is going to centralize all of the file serving with central storage of all files and backing up of all machines on the network. There will also be the ability to share pictures over the internet.

All of these features are doable now with a Windows 2003 server but this server system is streamlined and is the kind of thing that any family should be able to use and configure for the safety and convenience that most people do not have the knowledge of or the interest to learn.

Microsoft has a public beta available now so that you can try the windows Home Server out.