July 14, 2024
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Well any national leader can make changes but electronics don’t always have to agree.

This morning I woke up to my VCRs (yes I have two, no PVR for me yet) having conveniently changed time back an hour. To anyone that has a real brain we all know that next weekend the time zone changes but to some of the pieces of electronic equipment that had no patching done last year the time change should be today.

I was reminded Friday that this weekend was the old time change for standard time instead of daylight savings but until this morning of course I forgot.

I will be interested to watch this morning and see what kind of automation is broke. There are probably more problems then just my VCRs but I will not kknow until after my coffee. A nd no the coffee machine, microwave and stove don’t care what day it is so they don’t think they are supposed to fall back.