June 19, 2024
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I am so excited that Virgin and Google have announced that they are going to start colonizing Mars.

Although I am very excited to live on earth and have seen many places and had lots of plans here it would be wonderful to make a brand new start on a new planet.

I do have a few questions though:

1. what kind of temperatures should I expect in summer and winter? I am under the impression that winter is really cold on Mars and I suspect I will be OK since i live in Calgary already.

2. What are the schools like? I have two kids, one is 8 and the other is 4. They both need a school and I am not sure how good the schools on mars are like. Do the martians run them? Heck I guess we will be martians.

3. What is the state of TCP/IP going to neighboring planets. I heard an awful rumor that the latency would stop internet access as we know it on Mars and my son really likes to play video games.

4. What kind of electricity will I need. I know that all of my appliances and stuff are set for north american power but it would be really embarrassing to bring my big old 50 inch rear projection TV that weighs so much and then find out that the power doesn’t work.

5. On last thing. Is there good fresh fruit or am I going to have to grow my own garden. I am not much of a gardener or handyman and that would be a bit of a deal breaker.

Anyway. I am really excited and even though I didn’t sign up yet I am going to be talking to my wife tonight and giving notice at work tomorrow so I am really hoping that soon I can catch a flight.