May 17, 2024
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Well the Dell Netbook has finally been released with the name of Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

This new notebook has the standard 9 inch screen that we have seen on the otheer netbooks on the market but is a little smaller hard drive and memory wise than I had hoped.

The hard drive is a solid state drive (flash?) and comes in sizes from 4 to 16 gigs and the memory starts at 512 megs which I feel is not enough to run Windows XP and I can not speak to the Ubuntu option so you need more memory.

So, If you get down to what is really acceptable I guess the starting price is more like $449. This $449 mini laptop has 1 GB of ram and a 16 Gig hard drive. The $349 version is only half a gig of ram and a 4 gig SSD drive running Windows XP or Linux

Now the gloves are off and we can see what everyone is going to do now that all the big players HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer as well as of course Asus have at least some models of mini netbooks out.