June 19, 2024
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I am always very slow at buying technology but I live with my wife and kids and my wife will make a purchase very quickly. My problem tends to be that I will overanalyze about anything for instance it took me a week of research to get a pair of home stereo headphones and I still have not upgraded my video card on my main home PC.

Anyway my wife a couple of weeks ago secided that she wanted a laptop for herself around the house, asked me what she should get and was on the phone with Dell in about 20 minutes. I was able to slow down the buying process to shop around a bit but that afternoon she was the proud owner of a Dell Inspriron 1525 laptop but still had to wait for it to be built.

We had tried ordering a Dell before, a desktop a couple of years ago and the customer service from India trying to get our 3% corporate discount killed the deal. They got our home address wrong in transit three times with three different addresses and we finally told them to shove it.

This time I hoped for better customer service and we did get it.

My wife called Dell and made the initial order but did not have it place, she was give 12 hours to place this order so we looked at options for the Dell Inspiron 1525. The price is really low but it comes with Vista Home and 2 gigs of Ram. I had her up the ram to 3 gigs as she does use Photoshop and Dreamweaver for her blog and scrapbooking newsletter. One other change was an added $20 webcam. We have never had a webcam but who knows when she will want to do a little video of her scrapbooking.

So the order went in and the delivery date was set for May 22. We were happy that the build was done and the delivery was made a week early so I had a week to configure this Inspiron 1525 notebookbefore she takes it away to a scrapbooking retreat next week.

The Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebook is the cheapest one that Dell sells. With 3 gigs of Ram and a 160 gig hard drive this laptop seems great for what my wife needs it for. The screen is 15.4 inches and a little wide and the resolution is the standard 1280 x 800 which I am used to but she may take some getting used to.

The notebook is also pretty light, lighter in fact then my Latitude D620 which I thought was light already. I also like the nice glossy patterns that they have on the cases, stylish for a Dell that is for sure.

The wireless that we selected was the generic card that is built in and it has connected to our network no problem and has not dropped once, I wonder though how tough these things are in apartment buildings where everyone is fighting for the same wireless channel.

As a guy that was part of a project a few years ago switching people to new machines I thought htis should be a smoooth process and it was. I will post about that soon.