April 22, 2024
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Wow that was tough but I in fact got a little bit of luck and one of the guys that I work with ran across a Wii. The family will be excited on Christmas morning, hell I am excited with that puzzle maker game. But there are a few take aways that I hope will help others.

First make sure that you are looking online for what is available and when and where. I looked for my Wii here in Canada at  Console Watch. Console Watch keeps updating the major online stores every 30 seconds so when there is a chance that using that site that you can run into an online deal.

Next was definitely Red Flag Deals. Red Flag has all sorts of deals and conversations in their forums. sign up and you can get tips on where the Wii is here in Canada.

Finally getting to know that managers in the various stores and you may be able to get a call from a friendly EB Games or  WalMart or even Shoppers Drug mart video department manager

Good luck to everyone looking for a Wii this Christmas. I hope the damn scalpers don’t end up profiting on this great game device this Christmas.