July 14, 2024
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macbook airYes I was checking on on the Steve Jobs webcast today from the MacWorld conference. There are few things that excite me as much as MacWorld and the fact is I own no Apple products. Well today that may have changed as I saw pics of this super new super thin MacBook Air. The newest laptop weighs 3 pounds and is thing enough to fit in an interoffice envelope.

The guy from Intel was there saying the the Core 2 Duo is smaller then ever and is now the size of a dime and thick as a nickel. That is a lot of power with a tiny footprint. The MacBook Air also sports a small 1.8 inch hardrive and is not really too expensive at $1799.

The only trouble is that I have no overarching reason to buy a new laptop as great as this thing is. I will have to see later this year if one just appears in my kitchen after a weak moment online at the MacStore.