March 4, 2024
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A coworker of mine had mentioned before and today I decided to try it our. If you have ever used RDP or WinVNC to remote onto a computer then you will understand the idea behind

Logmein works as a remote control program by signing up for an account and then installing an activeX control on a target machine (an end user can do this for you) and then you have this new machine listed on the website. The site then uses port 80 (regular internet port) to create a VNC like connection to the remote machine and you then have shared desktop control with the other person. This is a really easy way to setup the application as you do not have to know the IP or any other info to setup your connection to the other computer.

Logmein also offers file sharing and a simple ftp type setting but this is only good for the first 30 days while you are using the Pro version of logmein after 30 days you revert to the free version and this only includes the remote desktop.

If you opt for the pro version of logmein it is $12.95 per month which is a little steep and the price drops to 9.95 per month per PC for 2-10 PCs. If all you want is remote access to a machine then the free account is all that you need. Also using the free version you seem to have access to as many remote machines as you want to set the application up on which is probably good enough for most people running a computer support business.