March 4, 2024
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The Mac Pro is the fastest and most powerful computer option Apple have ever made. In the line of its three desktop computers, the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro, the latter is also the most expensive and designed for powerful users.

What Does The Mac Pro Have That The iMac Doesn’t?

The main difference between the iMac and the Mac Pro is that the latter is a lot more powerful. The higher end version of the iMac is pretty impressive, but it’s nothing when you take a look at the power of the octo-core 2.26 GHz processor of the most expensive Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro also features better quality graphics (NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 – 512 MB GDDR3), double the amount of potential RAM (up to 32GB), a faster optical drive (18x DL SuperDrive) and 640GB storage space. Lastly, it can also support up to eight external displays.

Benefits Of The Mac Pro

Benefits Of The Mac Pro
Benefits Of The Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac computer you can buy. The standard tech specs mean that it’s already designed for the most powerful applications and advanced users – especially when you choose the octo-core model. This makes it perfect if you use high performance programs that demand a lot from your desktop computer. If you only work with more basic applications, such as word processing and internet browsers, then you could get by on an iMac or Mac Mini instead.

Even better is the fact that the Mac Pro is highly expandable. If you find your needs changing over the years then you can upgrade it, or you can upgrade it as you buy it by taking advantage of the customization options in the Apple Store. You really can create a Mac that’s suited to your exact needs.

The graphics on the Mac Pro also make it the most suitable model for those who want to play the latest games. The graphics on the Mac Mini and lower end iMacs just aren’t suitable for these games at all (they may be playable on very low settings). By purchasing the Mac Pro you will be able to play games on high settings, and experience them as they were meant to be played!

Drawbacks Of The Mac Pro

The Mac Pro isn’t as sleek looking as the iMac. The latter is contained all within the back of a flat panel screen, whereas the Pro is more like a traditional computer tower. It would simply be impossible to pack in such powerful features into the smaller iMac design. That said, Apple take pride in everything they design, and there’s no doubt that the Mac Pro will still look great at your desk.

For many, cost is a huge barrier to buying a Mac – even with the cheaper Mac Mini and iMac models. As you can imagine, the powerful Mac Pro is the most expensive of all the Mac options. The most high end version will set you back over $3,000. That is a huge amount to spend on a computer, even considering that Macs are more expensive than many PC brands.

As if $3,000 wasn’t enough already, the Mac Pro does not come with a screen. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to shell out another $1000 if you want Apple’s stylish display. Ouch! It does, however, come with peripherals (unlike the entry level Mac Mini).


It’s clear that the Mac Pro is designed for the most serious computer users. It doesn’t come cheap, and Apple have no intentions of pretending it does. After all, it is packed full of powerful features that demand such a high price tag. If you have high demands on your computer, and can afford the outlay, it may just be worth it. If not, then buying the most powerful version of the iMac isn’t too bad in comparison.