July 14, 2024
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When it comes to laptop computers, there’s no denying the fact that both the Macbook and the Macbook Pro are some of the most popular and trendy available. However, if you’re looking to buy one of these popular Apple laptops, it can be difficult to make a decision over which is best! Here’s a guide that’ll help you make the right decision.

What Are The Main Differences Between the MacBook and Macbook Pro?

Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro

Processing Power: The latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are a huge upgrade for the Macbook Pros, whereas the Macbook still uses older and less powerful technology. If you’re going to be using very intensive applications, such as for graphics work, then the Macbook Pro may be the choice for you. If you mainly use word processors and browse the internet then it’ll be hard for you to notice the difference.


RAM: The standard Macbook comes with 2GB, but can be upgraded to have 4GB RAM maximum. The Macbook Pro can go a lot further, with 4GB as standard and a 16GB maximum. The greater the RAM, the better your Macbook will be at multitasking, and the less it will hang.

Screen: There are far more options when it comes to choosing the screen of the Macbook Pro. Compared with the 13.3 inch glossy Macbook screen, with the Pro you can opt for 13.3 inch, 15.4 inch and 17 inch screens. The latter two options can also be bought in either glossy or matte.

Keyboard: Both machines make use of a full-sized keyboard, but the Pro’s includes a backlight. This is mainly an aesthetic touch, but could be useful if you want to type in the dark!

Body: The Macbook features the striking white unibody design, while the Pro is made from aluminum instead. The one you choose will depend on your preference of what looks best, though many people claim that aluminum is much more sturdy and far less easy to scratch.

Hard Drive: There isn’t much difference when it comes to the standard hard drive option in all models (except for the storage size). However, the 15.4 inch and 17 inch Pros can be upgraded to include faster hard drives, or a solid state drive that reduces power consumption and is generally considered more reliable.

Price: For many users, price is often the deciding factor. In this respect the Macbook certainly wins, although the cheapest version of the Macbook Pro is only a couple of hundred dollars more than the standard Macbook.

Similarities Between the MacBook and Macbook Pro

Screen Size: Both the Macbook and Macbook Pro come in 13.3 inch screen sizes, though the Pro does have other options (see above). The Macbook and both Pro 13.3 inch screens also feature the same technology and resolution.

Size And Weight: The differences in size and weight are negligible when you compare the lower end Macbook Pros to the original Macbook. However, the more expensive Pro versions are a couple of pounds heavier than the Macbook.

Battery Life: The battery life is similar through all versions of the Pro and original Macbook. However, the latter just wins and may last a few hours longer than the Pro version.

Which Should You Buy the MacBook or Macbook Pro?

The Macbook is designed as Apple’s cheapest option, and is perfect for those who want a more budget computer (but still with Apple’s quality) and don’t need to use it for the most intensive applications. It’s also the perfect choice if you have a main desktop you use for heavy work, and you just need something lighter and portable for those times when you’re away from the desktop. It also has good enough graphics to play most games.

If you want to choose the best machine for your money, however, the choice is probably going to be one of the Macbook Pro models. Although they do cost more, if you opt for the more powerful processors, extra RAM, and better graphics cards of the 15-inch plus models, you’ll find that they just perform better than the original Macbook.

Before you do decide, however, it’s important to note that certain features can be tweaked when you order from Apple directly. For example, if you like the look of the 4GB RAM that comes with the Pro as standard, you can pay a little extra to get this on the standard Macbook without all the extra cost and features of the Pro. Similarly, if you want the most advanced machine possible be sure to take advantage of all the possible upgrades of the Macbook Pro.

As you can see, there’s no definitive answer as to which machine you should choose. However, if money isn’t an issue – or if you simply want to get the best you possibly can right now – then the Macbook Pro is a fantastic choice for you.