July 14, 2024
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Contrary to popular belief, to recover data from damaged hard drive is not impossible, nor s it completely hopeless-not in most cases any way. In most cases, there is something that can be done when it comes to data recovery. You don’t have to say goodbye to all your important files and data just yet.

The first thing for you to do is not to panic. This won’t help you much and can only serve to hold you back. Keep a clear head so that you can see what is going on and what can be done in order to recover the data from your HDD if it really cannot be fixed.

Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive: First Diagnostics

Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive
Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive

Although there may be many reasons as to why your HDD (internal or external) may have failed, one of the important things to know in order to recover data from damaged hard drive is why exactly your drive has failed.

Here are a few things to look into (remember that the list is not limited to this):

 A clicking noise – If your hard drive is clicking or making those “clung” sounds that aren’t all that uncommon, then the likely reason for your issue is a mechanical problem. There are small parts inside your HDD that are responsible for reading and writing data onto the disks and hard shocks or drops can unfortunately damage them beyond repair. At times they can be repaired but only by specialists-so DO NOT attempt this on your own.

Corrupted File System – This is usually the reason behind the failure if the drive can be recognized but not accessed by your OS.

Dirty drive – The contacts on your drive or on your drive’s main board may be dirty.

Heat Damage – HDD’s can at times operate at very high temperatures which can cause damage to the drive itself which is why you shouldn’t.

What You Can Do to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive

If your HDD is failing due to heat damage, then at times the fix can be as easy as cooling your drive properly. This is something you should do at all times any way to avoid damage like this in the future.

You can also make sure to clean your drive’s contacts as well as its main board contacts so that you can recover data from damaged hard drive. You can do this by rubbing a pencil eraser on the contacts much like you were erasing something you wrote. You can even attempt to replace the main board completely, but ensure that it is the exact same type of board because otherwise it will not work.

If all else fails, you can use software to recover data from damaged hard drive. If this still does not work, the very last thing you could do is to send your failing drive to a data recovery company.

Remember that it’s not impossible to recover data from damaged hard drive, there’s something that can be done in most cases.

If you need to recover data from hard drive then chances are it was either involved in an accident where you dropped it or your hard drive has become corrupt somehow. Some of the symptoms you may experience is hard drive clicking which can be quite worrying. Luckily there are things you can do to recover data from damaged hard drive.