July 14, 2024
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Looks like Apple is about to release a smaller, sleeker iPad to compete with the devices being pushed out and selling well for Amazon and Google.

October 17th seems to be the latest rumor for the announcement of a new 7.85 inch inch iPad mini that will be a taller but thinner device and from the pics I have seen will be a bit more comfortable to read a book on. There are lots of questions remaining though.

I would be interested in seeing or hearing about the following:

1. Retina display – Will this have a 300+ dpi display

2. Are apps going to be sitting at iphone size or ipad size or a new size altogether?

3. What kind of battery life will this have?

I have seen rumors that the price point on these new ipad mini will be about $350 and this means that will be competitive with the Google Nexus 7 which I have seen and like.

The Google Nexus 7 is an entry level tablet so it is lighter on features compared to the iPad 2 or especially iPad 3 but of course for the price point it is really good. We of course always have to compare price to features and Apple may have the advantage with more features and the very well developed app store.

Are you interested in checking out a newer, smaller iPad? Apple will hope that you do but of course with all of the iPads already out there and a limited supply at launch we will see what kind of market this reaches.