June 19, 2024
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It’s true that the iPhone 4S has added features and applications that the iPhone 4 did not. For example, the 4S now includes support for the GSM network, and FaceTime, even without Wifi. Although there may be fewer reasons to jailbreak the 4S, there are still plenty of benefits you can receive from doing so.

Not surprisingly, the best reason to jailbreak your iPhone 4S is the same as it has always been ? the uber-cool applications you can install. Simply put, you have more options to personalize your iPhone, and even more functions to play with.

If you’d like to really have freedom to customize the iPhone 4S user interface, you’re still going to need some unsupported applications to do so ? just as the Folder Enhancer app. Additionally, the Five Icon Dock, as the name would imply, allows you to add five icons onto the dock instead of the customary four allowed by the Apple iOS. Similarly, the Five Column Springboard lets you add one additional column to the homescreen.

Besides installing the usual weird and entertaining apps, there are a myriad of non-supported applications that will add some much needed features. For example, WiFi Sync allows you to sink your iPhone with iTunes via Wifi, no physical connection required. Another app, MiWi, allows users to turn their iPhone into a WiFi router, so other WiFi-enabled devices (such as the iPod Touch 4) can access the Internet via the iPhone.

Furthermore, jailbreaking is always getting faster and easier. A lot of jailbreaking software is very intuitive, and doesn’t require much out of the user. In just a few minutes, your iPhone can support a whole lot more applications.

Finally, jailbreaking is usually reversible. This comes in handy if you have to take your iPhone in for repair. Apple does not support jailbroken iPhones; you will have to remove the jailbreak and any renegrade applications you have installed. But frankly, it’s worth it, and there’s very little risk of getting caught.

Unless Apple decides to unlock the iPhone for good, every new model and iOS presents a field day to jailbreakers who are dying to get in. Apple keeps trying, but so far, it hasn’t been able to stop the hacks. The iPhone 4S isn’t any different, and it doesn’t appear that the need for jailbreaking is going to disappear any time soon.