May 17, 2024
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I just finally got my iPad upgraded to IOS7 and was poking around to see what was up.

My initial feeling is that this looks a lot different but the features are all under the hood. Here is a list I got from a CNN article

New Features in IOS7

ios7_homescreenA new time-saving control center slides up from the bottom of the screen for easy access to basic settings such as brightness and Airplane Mode. It has shortcuts for the flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.

An updated notification center now shows a summary of what you have in store for the day and details on the weather and your commute.

The camera adds a square-photo option and new filters, while the photos app drops the map view and sorts your images into events by date and location.

As per a article on bloggercell, It adds AirDrop, a feature for people who use iCloud that makes it easier to move photos and files between computers and mobile devices.

The Siri voice-search tool adds an option for male voice, defaults to Bing for Web searches and pulls in results from Twitter and Wikipedia.

Multitasking looks different. The same double-click of the home button now zooms you out to show a carousel of mini versions of all your open apps.

I am personally hoping to see more interaction between apps. If I want to take a picture and add it to instagram, facebook, and twitter I would like to do that. If I see a post on Tumblr and want to share it to Facebook, just the same.

There are some places on the Apple products where this seems to work seamlessly while other parts not so much.

I am not liking the flat interface and it’s Windows 8 look but I like that the animations are smoother and so far performance on my iPad 2 is about the same so no overhead killing my tablet from the new release.

By the way, and this took me a bit to figure out, if you want to close running applications you can not just do the double click on the home button, select the icons and just hit the X.

Now to close a running application you need to double click on the home button (this will bring up a new multitasking mini windows) and then you can either swipe across to select what you want or drag up to close the app