March 4, 2024
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With the reveal of the latest iPad model comes a whole new range of new iPad 2 accessories specifically designed for the tablet computer. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most notable accessories to be announced.

New iPad 2 Accessories

The Digital AV Adapter

New iPad 2 Accessories
New iPad 2 Accessories

The new Digital AV Adapter (an HDMI port that connects to the 30-pin port on the iPad) is a new cable that will allow iPad 2 users to connect the device to their TV or other HDMI-ready display. The adaptor also supports video mirroring technology, meaning that the screen will display exactly what’s happening on the iPad, whether this means browsing websites, showing off your presentations, watching movies and so on. When you plug in the new Digital AV Adapter it works without any extra configuration, and also works with audio.

The Digital AV Adapter is available for $39 from Apple, and it isn’t just exclusive to the iPad 2 – it can also be connected to the original iPad, the iPhone 4, and 4th generation iPod Touch.

The iPad 2 Smart Cover

This is one of the most talked about of the new iPad 2 accessories, thanks to the way it works perfectly with the iPad to perform extra features above and beyond simply protecting the screen. It stays in place through a magnetic connection to the iPad screen, and will automatically send the iPad to sleep when you apply it. Then, when the smart cover is removed, your iPad will wake up ready to use.

Apple are touting this cover as a sleek, slim alternative to buying a “bulky”, more traditional iPad case. It also has multiple functions, and can be used as a stand to make watching movies, typing, making video calls or any other activities easier. Because of the way the magnets work, the case can be folded over and stuck to itself to form a stand at the back of the device. The smart cover comes in at $39.

The iPad 2 Dock

Apple have also released a new iPad 2 dock to fit the new smaller size of the iPad 2. The dock is designed with easy access to ports for synching, charging and connecting external speakers, and also works with other iPad accessories.

Traditional iPad 1 Accessories

For those who are upgrading and wondering if they need to buy all-new iPad 2 accessories, don’t worry! The traditional iPad 1 accessories, like the camera connection kit, the wireless keyboard, AVG adapter and so on will still be sold with the iPad 2.

New iPad 2 Accessories are revolutionizing the market for tablets computers.