The iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

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With the release of the new iPad 2 also comes the release of a number of accessories, notably the iPad 2 Smart Cover, designed and sold by Apple.

This case retails at $39 for the polyurethane version, or $69 for a leather version to give the iPad that professional touch. The former comes in pink, orange, green, blue and gray, and the latter is available in beige, black, gray and red.

The iPad 2 Smart Cover boasts a lot more features than a simple iPad case, but is it really worth the money?


Some reviewers are already claiming that the iPad 2 Smart Cover is going to make it difficult for third party case manufacturers to sell as many of their products, due to the fact that the case is just about as small and simple as it can get (bearing in mind all the functionality that it brings).

The major pros of this case include:
* It’s really stylish and comes in a huge variety of colors,
* It’s made by Apple so fits the iPad 2 perfectly,
* It puts the iPad to sleep when you apply the case, and turns the iPad on when you remove it,
* It can be applied to the front or the back of the device,
* It can be folded and used as a stand for watching movies, typing, video calls etc.
* It’s so thin that it doesn’t add bulk to the iPad 2.


The main drawback of the new iPad 2 Smart Cover is that it doesn’t offer any protection to the back of the device. As anyone who has owned an iPad before will tell you, the back of the device is prone to scratches. And, when you place the iPad on any surface, it’s the back that’s going to be left vulnerable.

However, the good news is that you can move the Smart Cover to the back of the device to protect it while you don’t need to cover the screen, but that’s not so useful for the times when both sides will be vulnerable – for example, when traveling with the iPad in your bag. It’s also not going to offer any protection if you drop it, just like many other iPad sleeves.

Owning an iPad is a lot about style as well as functionality, and when you’re spending $500+ on a device, you want to keep it looking as nice as possible. This might not be the case if you leave the back unprotected. This means you’ll either have to find purchase an extra Smart Cover if you need to protect both the front and the back at the same time (an extra $39 cost), or opt for an all round case to protect the whole of the iPad.

There’s also no getting around the fact that the new iPad 2 Smart Cover is expensive, but aren’t all the accessories from Apple? People who buy from Apple are willing to pay more money for something that’s been designed both with style and practicality in mind, and the new cover seems to tick all the boxes.

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